Letra de My Mistake
I thought that she was kinda interested
but I guess I'm wrong
so I'm done trying
just like that song
where the guy liked the girl and the girl liked the guy
or so we all thought seeing how everything looked fine
but that was a make believe and this was one too
girls fucking suck...so now what do I do?
You say it'll get better...and I will move on
but how do you know? You just write songs
I know you mean well and care as a friend
but I'm hurting so bad, this fucking girl's playing with my head.
And I wish I could not care and act almost numb
but I've got so much love to give (her) it just can't be done.
I was so fucking pissed I took the long way home
and passed my ex's house which enhanced the feeling of being alone
When will it end? When will the pain leave?
I hear she's moved on to some other guy to replace me
she knew that I liked her. How could she not know?
I asked to her to do things and took her to shows
but I treated her like an equal and didn't intrude
so now I'm all alone with nothing to do.
Being nice doesn't get you too far.
Fuck girls. And place my heart in this jar
where it can't get broken and will stay safe
yeah I'll miss it but it's a price I'll pay
to save myself from those lonely nights
when I'm in the dark and she's under the lights