Letra de Hope
I have to draw a line
from everything that I've ever known
and later on..
I won't sacrifice.
Torn apart, you've skewed all the frames
I'm left so lonely
You are never gonna change from the way,
this once soul-mate turned into nothing at all..
I'm tied up and twisted

Leave me here..
every second that I think that I've got hope,
you suck all the life out of me.

It was all a lie,
that look in your eyes was discrete..
The line that I used to know,
tainted by everything.
Love is a crutch at the source.
You don't care if I'm still alive or not..
The irony of it all is that I would have given my life for you.
Only half of that is now true..

I'll be fine..
I swear I'll be just fine.

I pray that this all just becomes a distant memory..
I pray that you come back to me.

I'll be fine..
I'll be fine
I won't be fine..