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Letra de From Hollywood
What was I thinking?
About a year ago..
Such bright spotlights,
How quick these lights can go..
I tried to bring back everything,
That I was thinking down I-5.

Take me back to the place where I had my head on
If only I could find my courage from Hollywood.
Take me to a mind frame that made me who I am,
Made me who I am..
My courage from Hollywood

How it trickles down
This sense of urgency
And I feel the need
To break down completely
But both feet..
They seem to move again.
Both feet move oh so carefully
"I could be everything you need"
I need the pressure to be this
Be the one that's open.

The scent of inspiration,
I would let it fade.
Let it fade..
And I won't ever suffer like this again.
Not like this again..