Letra de Amazing
Some people take advice in,
And some just run from it.
I'm tired of being the bridge from one to one in ten.
So take your centered time while
The shreds go right on in.
I see such self-indulgence,
You see my everything..

Bite the hand that gives?
Stay unfulfilled until?
Your intentions,
They are meek and out of hand.

If I'm amazing,
Then why rip the page?
You glorify loyalty,
Then leave this in our way.
So if I'm amazing,
Then things have to change.
But change is meaningless
If the meaningless don't want to change.

You came to me with vices.
I took you out of there.
You could have
seen the damage,
Just looking ear to ear.
But now it's me once again,
To crow into the wind.
I see such self-indulgence,
Your lips just relish it.