A Series Of Lefts Letra


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Letra de A Series Of Lefts
Mass goes by the rate,
By laws of gravity.
I've seen the way,
But I could not believe what she said.
She believes that every essence has its price,
But the pills improve the ride.
Tell me how can I be something I must embrace.
Turn these sores into lace,
And sow up something to believe.

I hide behind the constant distractions
That guide these lights I see.
And there will be a time,
Where everything in my whole life is scarred..

If I go down,
Would you take the wheel,
Or just let me drown.
You seem so in
But you feel so out.
Adding insult to injury,
I'm hanging on by a thread.

She says I'll levitate,
Then tempts me with her poison..
She knows I cant resist...
The Resin of what stands in her place,
Just leaves me to see what addiction can be.