Letra de The Battle Of Moonstone
"Bloodthirsty soldiers against an obscure empire fixed in the middle of the forest. Carbines against ballistas, prison and sacrifice for those who didn't fall in the battlefield."

Brave knights call your god essence
Hide before the moon emerge
Night has fallen in battlefield
Tenebrae sounds of war
Night can draw the enemies
Turn their hopes in dusk and pain
Time for battle is passing by
We know the smell of fear

We're blessed into fire
Storm warriors of the empire
Gold weapons are shining in our hands

Scrolls written along this night
Lost and found beyond the wood
Words of blood wait death for come
- Why do we come to hell?
The silence of the darkest sin
Betray the hangmen coming near
Steel sounds are the hymns of night
I hear the call: attack!

We're blessed into fire
Storm Warriors of the empire
Your sorrow lies at these lands

Soldiers March and fight against Wind
You fall you sense the taste of defeat
Serve the empire and honor your King
In death's embrace in the glory field

"Look behind those screams
What is written with blood
Hope and fear has felt down on the ground
Look around those fields
Proud and death become real
Pain and disgrace
It's time to surrender"