Northstar Is An Airplane Letra


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Letra de Northstar Is An Airplane
every star falls. every plane crashes down. every night we could drive twenty miles out of town. and watch the pinholes as they come down. we'll watch the satellites. we'll chase the fireflies. i want to hold your dishpan hands. i want to give into your crazy demands. placing wagers on the alphabet. a one subject college ruled romance novelette. solid gold from head to toe. we slow danced on the picnic tables. and i'm bound to bring you down. criticism made of anyone else is a truism about myself. i wish i might. i wish i may into aerospace. that tonight i'll see your freckled face. i'm through crying over the milk that has yet to spill. standing still amidst a commotion. while every night i lie awake miss you. lost you. i still need you. so long. farewell. auf wiedersehen. goodnight. and i forget sometimes that all your time can't be mine