Last Open Heart For You Letra

Idle Tears

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Letra de Last Open Heart For You
when i hear the sound of dripping i think of blood richened from the well that controls this valley but tonight i never felt as free as i can be as im watching shadows in the dark and the moon dropping slower by the minute i feel like as im forgotten from this city and free to the conclusion of dark,but everytime i get further away i forget your name like a drop of rain at night nobody seeks to see or even picture more but as i continue walking i realize im at the front step of your door.But i know once i knock i'll be leaving with no wisdom,but just a broken heart,its like you want to see me standing there with my heartd in my hand broke,and crippled but as i see it you already picture this and you just wont to see me with no heart,but its true i have no heart no heart for you anyway so i'll end my journey closer to the ocean and further from this land as i can be