Letra de Bleed For God
waiting for the rest to pass we stay here helplessly hoping for the night to die for this occasion we wish for everyone to remain silent and calm and when this passage passes we will all sit down and remeber the waves of lectures to pass and the speeches to finally stop so we can free the forgotten and helpless souls of damage and structure we will despart from the nation and reatract to a vision of safety and the upstructsion of earth then we will finally see the day you ask for giving and prayer of demonation over control to calculate the reason of despair and sorrowness,The walls will fall the sun will die and the rivers will empty but will be filled with inconvience and substanion with fights of storms and wind of terror today will be final,final for illusion and safety and if weakness takes over there will be no more devistating children and there conflicts but if i remain i will claim it to the lost and forgotten vitcoms of disaster, but as i start collapsing there will be nothing so sorry to see except for ashes of sickness and death upon me