Letra de We Need Freedom
they promised imortality while the planes above ride shotgun in tthe sky we were running, hiding from a victory we felt was ours and the truth became the lie and on the night of the election day they were burning houses fighting in the street there was no escape we trapped ourselves in history all we had to to the only thing to do was pray that is why we need freedom when the armies meet marching in the street tell you why we need freedom when the eagles fly in the endless sky tonight oh, so long ago the arrow was in flight we knew the answer was do or die a changing of our lives with our freedom we can breathe the air see the world in a different light find a new way when the morning comes we will find our way home between the voices on the radio there were diamonds flashing lighting up the sky and a single voice talks to a nation of hope and fear no one will ask a question or shed a single tear if there is a chance to find the answer in history we have to hold onto every second we can buy