The American Way Letra

Ian Cussick

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Letra de The American Way
there is a man and he lives on the hill he?s in for the kill the newspapers say he is a movie star he doesn?t walk, he can fly in the air star spangled hair if he stops smiling you won?t get too far he is the guy on t.v. he has a message for me i can?t stop laughing he?s coming from the land of the free oh, let?s do it the american way we?ll take our european history and throw it away ?cause they?ve got everything that you?ll ever need they?ll take your soul boy and they?ll make you bleed oh, let?s do it the american way american way a satellite shows him there on the sand gun in his hand, liberation he will rescue you and in return all he wants is a smile there for the camera, show us panama red, white and blue when they pray to the lord they laugh like they believe every word don?t ask questions the greatest thing that you?ve ever heard my fellow americans we have star wars technology to make a counter attack God bless america