Letra de First Of Love
remember that night runaway skies far away from them all we were eagles in love from the start never to part never be lonely you promised to me always to be by mi side when we stood on the mountain so high and so free you said to me i love you only but burning bridges coun?t carry the weight we lost each other at the hands of fate you found somebody else to take my place is the fire of love still burning in you do the wishes you dream all come true i?ll be waiting for you on that day when the fire of love slowly fades away remember the words you whispered to me secret things that you said they had meaning like words from the soul anciend and old like rain on a mountain but thunderclouds came they carried your name they were calling out loud they were bringing the day to the night night into day a nightemare without end got to see it from my point of view heaven on earth over and over again