Catch You Later Girl Letra

Ian Cussick

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Letra de Catch You Later Girl
the problem is i can't get to sleep at night i'm drowning in the pale moonlight 'cause there's no one here to hold me tight the story goes boy meets girl then girl leave boy don't use me like a used up toy and i'm tired of hearing i'll catch you later i'll catch you later on some other day i'll catch you later talk to you later you can't put me on when my hope is gone sooner the better your heart will break and we'll turn the face of fate around then you'll hear me say i'll catch you later girl society says i have to run after you believe in what cannot be true and say things i don't want to do so listen now take me as i really am i am not a superman and i'm tired of hearing i'd like to see what's there inside you do you know what you're worth when there's no ego that can hide you alone and by yourself i think that you'll find that we are both the same no difference at all still you're so blind and i shout what do you want from me