Trouble Process Report Letra

Ian Cooke

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Letra de Trouble Process Report
Trouble process report: I don't
know what to do. I don't know
what to do. Wet, salty
Sound from thought source
award: This one better be good -
unbelievably good. Sap

Credit must now be
delivered to whom it is due.
are the one who it goes to. I
credit you.
Convince me I
wouldn't be perfectly happy if

you reciprocated.
Tell me it
hurts more to lose something great
than it
does to just want it
real bad but not have it at
I'm under it all and I
cannot get out for the
life of
me. I see no end to the tragedy.

There's no turning the damn
waterfall off.

Future, get a
load of this, find a
Hurry to me, Hurry to
me, don't let me worry.

won't ever covet less now that
you've met the best."