Letra de Jargonne
Best laid plans make best made man
No lesser man, not your average diamond wedding band
Master all meters
Master raw ether, false lever
Trap door —horse fever
Not for false believers

Shoo fly shoo and my shoes fly too
Black Audi scoop
All star all weather boot
Whether we sleep or work til hands touch high noon
I’m typhoon, my natures to reign over crews

Winds in the distance push hard with persistence
I resist past tense, write never-ending sentences

Lend me your pen, mon frère
Pull up a chair
I’ll teach you how to fish
With the diction air — Easy
My eye comes after it, castor swish
Oil taste like sadomasochist
Pacify a pacifist
But still smack a track back a bit
Who lacks abyss
I start deep
Go past the rift

It’s the tremor
Light shimmer
White river
Flip the gas, we’ll simmer
All summer, all winter

Tension in my neck
Cuz no pension with cassettes
Work to get the check
Check work to get respect
No work in birthing text
Just flex with the bic body
Bass hobby, flight suit, space lobby

Bid farewell from the captain’s chair
Baptist choir, Passive heir
Happenstance — aware
Massive pyre in the evening bare
All failings shared
Grace moves without broken shoes
Locus point in dunes
All praises due, broke in two

Nature swallows whole all souls on a dinner plate
Handles all hate, finger’s placed in a figure 8
What’s your fate?
Keep the aggression in my engine grates
Push the coal into my mouth
I’m taking shape

That’s when the violence comes
I heart silence some
Dear diary, my heart believes I might be done

Death stares from the windows, at me
Looping hairs stand up on my neck like some truth or dare
Can’t answer

Damn lantern
Cavalier flickers past candor
My strobe vision, party mission is the gold standard

More like lobed panther
Hear gazelles run
Fruitful rare tongue
Air punch like it’s Roskilde

Box pillar
Salt rock ox, whooping cough
Cardiologist blocked
You can’t write new prescription

I write the predilection
Detriment to wealth/religion
Rest your testaments at my benediction
Sipping Lipton

And the mission is to not abuse self-reflection
My addiction