Letra de Bless The Fire
A'ight, let's keep it real
Bless the fire waiting in my old forgotten temple
I’ve been dining, being simple
But I’m tired of being civil
Sounding official
They lacerate the paper planes I’ve built my myself
Force-fed the dying bridge i’ve felt
That’s burning in these merging cells
Not to be blunt, but barely burned the blunt before they cared
Can’t believe this doctor could repair the rip and tear
Rips oh care, trips aware
And my childhood was there
Seems hard to believe
A man so cumbersome could make-believe
Take this reed that I’m writing on and face the mirror while the mic is on
Don’t stutter, what a wonder
Now face yourself and feel your selves begin to tear
Tears, following your cares
Unaware, turn sideways and walk downstairs

Over there

Seems easy embarking on card-sharking and Carter throngs
Borrowing half-knowledge from barbazons
Cat mewing for mother’s udders
Other’s mutter fuming, how is he doing?
What is he doing?
Insinuating, my patience — endurance, have no relation
I’ve played with half-crazies and whole-amazings
In dime-stores and basements
Lunch counters and living rooms, complacent
Drunk, dining and dying
Giving living to trying
I was born spitting and died flying
And you don’t think I know what I’m doing?
I know what doing, I’m doing what I’m doing — knowing i’m moving
Headlong into dark space
Liberating the headstrong and the harsh-faced
The isolated teen who’s grown in a stark place
I’ve dug through the ruins myself
Of coke addiction and truance i’ve felt
But me proving myself is as embarrassing as me getting caught screwing myself
I’m not proving myself — I’m just doing myself
You just don’t know me

And it doesn’t really matter
Intimations on stone platters
Turn stilted and clatter despite purpose and passion
Turn merciless matter
To curious rattles, in hallways
Their patterns recite like always
Be the best kid and don’t play
Back to the future walk
Back to your car — in a bed of stars
Dream in the fever, you are
Leap like the lemur, you are
Everything’s out the window
Everything’s on it’s head — it’s seeming — It’s said
Is not as been said
You’re dreaming — as it’s been seen
Now seen on a screen, still unbelieving of being
By being tested by attested gleaning
Freeze-framing — restraining
Click-baiting haranguing
Anger hanging my tissues
Son striving, my misuse
Tongue tying, just disguising my issues
Undying, my love of the muse, laying
Laying against you
My relationship with melody?
Playing against you
Playing against you