Letra de Back At The House
Stepped out of the monastery, just off on a promontory
Modern story, wig splitter
Axis, horror -- gory
Capicola roast with fury, heaven's toast to Curly
Three stooges rope-a-dopin', hopin' boats with curry
Heavy coated in the mirror, boom like Pioneers
With a glass of Everclear, maxin' the sag, like paneer
When the room speaks, outta zoom peeks
Broom sweep the room in a goon's beak
Dust coated -- my opus
I been open, I been hoping timelessness is potent
I been putting common sense in motion
Dreaming of a daily routine
She wear her hair just like a queen
Close my eyes, see the last part of mine
Spread it on like a lotion
Walk to the edge, lookin' out on the ocean
Took to the air, lookin' out on the ocean

And how's the boardwalk today?
What's the seer sayer?
Soothsayer speaking through the kumbaya, gumba yayo
Where the day go?
Another passed, filling up the tray with a truck of ash
They do anything for some fucking cash
Bundle stash, sock heavy, incognito, Eugene Levy
Best In Show -- eight years in a row
Junkyard dog with the gold finger
Where the cold linger
Old soul -- a dead ringer

And where's Ken at?
Where the bins stack
Picking up the pieces, where you been at?
And I been flying letters through the chim' stack
Tryna' warm my achin' hands
Sending smoke signals to: Who understands lesser man?
Still tryin' to be a better man
But fat as the couch, back at the house
Fat as the couch

Out in the salty air, fair share for every care
Sunshine on my face alone
The grace and the taste of flow
Trace of cold in the wet and still tones of my brittle bones
Shake the will to kill, now chuck the pills
Duck under the pier, peer heavy in the salt and sag
Nails crooked, jagged, look snagged, books in the bag
Jelly fill wash in the whale skin embossed in my crosshairs
Got nobody to cross, what we lost here
It was a salty year, strutting in the pumpkin fields
Reminisce the dumping, touch the scar, fake caviar -- luncheon
Where my life and fate met, encased in a grey sweat
Thinking when my knee crepe'd like suzette
What a diamond time, went into the diamond mines
Now I got a half a ounce of tar in each breath
And stress in each step
Never on holiday, my island's just a mind away
I closed my eyes today
I asked the psychic on the pier, what I'm doin' here?
As if the answer wasn't clear, she said, "it's been a year"
And pieced together like collage all my greatest fears
My stubbled year, my missing souvenir

And where's Ken at?
Where the bins stack
Picking up the pieces, where you been at?
And I been flyin' letters through the chim' stack
Building fires with my queen, that's where I been at
Buildin' fires with my queen
My earth