Letra de Let´s Dance
Let's Dance The weekend?s almost done The moon is low in the sky I feel like going out Before the night passes by I won?t just sit around When life becomes a drag I dance I like the bass - turn it up I like the boom - turn it up I need guitar - turn it up I like that drum - when they go? Chorus: Let?s dance What the weekend, what the night is all about Let?s dance Grab your girlfriends, grab your boyfriend Sweat it out Let?s Dance Move your whole body Let?s start the party To much rock for one girl can make her go crazy I need someone to dance with me baby The music?s on - turn it up My favorite song - turn it up the beat is strong ? turn it up And we?ll dance C'MON CHORUS When the night says hello Yeah, get ready to go Turn it up, turn it loose Yeah you?ve got no excuse Just take a chance Get out on the floor and dance CHORUS