Letra de Every Part Of Me

I feel like I'm
A million miles away
From myself
More, and more these days

I've been down
So many open roads
But they never lead me home
And I just don't know

Who I really am
How it's gonna be
Is there something that I can't see
I wanna understand

Maybe I will never be
Who I was before
Maybe I don't even know her anymore
Maybe who I am today
Ain't so far from yesterday
Can I find a way to be
Every part of me

So I try
Try to sort things down
And find myself
Get my feet back on the ground

It'll take time
But I know it'll be alright
'Cause nothing much has changed
On the inside

It's hard to figure out
How it's going to be
'Cause I don't really know now
I wanna understand


I don't wanna wait too long
To find out where I'm meant to belong
I always wanted to be where I am today
But I never thought I'd feel this way


(Thanks to Mailee for these lyrics)