Letra de Once Again
Your attitude's brand new, it seems that you're back into me again,
though I'm having trouble even standing here being your friend.
Am I just supposed to wipe clean all the messes of our past,
and forget the year I gave you that you didn't let last?

You've done it, once again.
Foolishly, I've fallen.
Will there ever be peace for a romantic like me?
I'll wait by the phone and see.

The passion is still there but so are all the stupid little things,
we let get between us, along with all the heartache that they bring.
My pulse quickens as I touch you for the first time in so long,
and my heart's too married to my head to know if this is wrong.


Think out for hours each word that we say.
If I come back will you even stay?
Should I run with your amorous play,
or should I run away?

(final chorus:)

You've done it once again.
Foolishly, I've fallen,
Will there ever be hope for a girl like you with me?
I'll give up my heart to see