Rock My Cradle (Once Again) Letra

Hank Williams

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Letra de Rock My Cradle (Once Again)
[C] Far away from friends and loved ones 'Mid the [G7] storm, a soldier [C] lay Gathered 'round him all his buddies Raised his [G7] head, we heard him [C] say. There's a [F] lamp light in the [C] window Where an [F] angel from a-[C] bove Gently [F] rocked my baby [C] cradle With such [G7] tender care and [C] love. Mother [F] dearest, darlin' [C] mother It would [F] ease this awful [C] pain If she'd sing until I'm sleepin' Rock my [G7] cradle once a-[C] gain. 'Neath the palms tonight he's sleepin' On an island far away Tho' the years pass on in sorrow I still recall his words today. REPEAT 2nd and 3rd verse.