Letra de Minni-Ha-Cha
Minni-ha-cha was the name of the maid That was old Kawliga?s gal The customer took far far away But Kawliga?s with her now Minni-ha-cha She left a trail for ol? wooden head to find Now ol? Kawliga?s with her all the time She dropped her beads along the way To make a trail for him She knew if ol' Kawliga stayed her life would be so grim Minni-ha-cha How she loved that poor ol? wooden head The man of knotty pine with a face so red Minni-ha-cha Years have passed and now at last they got Papoose by the score Kawliga beats his old tom tom while she sweeps the floor Minni-ha-cha She works her fingers to the bone While ol? Kawliga sings an Indian song Minni-ha-cha Now you?ve heard the story about a wooden head affair An Indian with a tomahawk and a maiden with the coal black hair Minni-ha-cha They?re as happy as anyone can be ?Cause they?re together and have a family Minni-ha-cha