Life's A Bitch Letra

Gangsta Blac

Can It Be?

Letra de Life's A Bitch
(feat. Cool 'B')

[Cool 'B']
Now first of all I know my story sound wild
But guess what I swear to god I was a mama's child
You see my mama left me back in 79'
I knew it was gods will so I'm done cryin
You see my mama was the one who
Brought me up, taught me up
And showed me what was good and bad
Now after her I was raised a bastard child
Every now and then I got to see my fuckin' dad
You see my dad was a wicked and wild man
Everytime I saw him he had a fat knot in his head
Sportin' that ??? but I'm lookin' bummy
So didn't fuckin' understand
Prayin' that my dad would step to me
I was chillin in Tennesse
He was livin in Atlanta, G.
Now years rolled on luckly ?unkown?
Mad mad face I'm mad as fuck, uh

[chorus x2]
One thing that I learned that was no lie
That life is a bitch, you pay bills and then you die
See life's a bitch so ?clock? G's
See life's a bitch so ?clock? G's young nigga

[Cool 'B']
Since ?INT? it just wasn't fair to me
I wanted all the luxuries
I'm tired of fuckin' poverty
Now what the hell am I supposed to do
You said don't slang dope, but dope makes my loot
I really didnt have a fuckin' friend in the world
See my grandma tryin' raise 5 boys and 7 girls
And them was only grand kids g
One of them was my brother Gangsta Blac, respect see
Work the life it was the streets
and them South Park niggas in Tennesse SPV
That taught this new dog old tricks
New dog old tricks, yo now ain't that a bitch?
You see me and my brother we hung tight
Fight after fight drinkin' night after night
Enough respect to my niggas like dre
Keep ??? fuckin' taylor

[Gangsta Blac]
Well I'm happy in November
Whe month before december
The where is and the who was
I really don't remember
growin up as a young buck
Let me tell you how I came up
No life without no mama
Each night I deal with drama
My father was a no-show
His where has I want info
Found out ?and lost? my kinfolks
Much love gotta keep it real though
Been ballin to nintendo
Got niggas through the window
Lookin' cause I can't go out
Nigga like me knew they was out
My friend they out their ballin
??? for who's callin
My ?teachin'? came from preachin
On sunday's ain't no stallin'
Dressed up its time for ge
I know yo eyes be on me
Cool B and Gangsta baby
?Well uh? you made us crazy
?They leave all up in stranger?
Your face gon grow some anger
My ??? hold me down now.
My cousin call me danger
So now I got the rest hung
Go home and count my income
GB and Wicked Wild Child
My heart is where this came from

[Chorus fades]

One thing that I learned that was no lie...