Letra de Mystery Feeding
I've got this feeling that you're feeling
The same feeling that I'm feeling
So tell me are you feeling
The magic of tonight?
Send me a signal, nod or wink
Oh I think I'm on the brink
Of going crazy in this maze of thought
The labyrinth of tonight
You bat your eyes a coy disguise
Don't let that stranger realize
That the secret prize you're keeping
Is the diamond of tonight
I'd like to know just how you go
About that taunting, tempting flow
Intoxicate my every nerve
You are the opiate tonight

You look so uptown
But here you are downtown
I want to know right now
If you will go with me to the depth of the night
With the mystery feeding our curious minds
As the night winds down till our time is up
And then we start all over again

Quite an enigma is the evening
Two hearts beating, two minds dreaming
What chances of their meeting
These strangers here tonight?
I'm so enchanted by your spell
Oh well I know I shouldn't tell
My secret, star-crossed story
But you're writing it tonight
The way you move is so divine
My mind in you all intertwined
You need some time? I'll give you mine
You are so beautiful tonight
I feel at home within your gaze
You raise your eyes - a hazel maze
Befall that look upon my face
You are the angel of tonight