Letra de A Christmas Monolgue
It's remarkable
To think that a baby boy born in a stable
No prestige, no privilege
No social media or social status
Political campaigns or private airplanes
And yet, He turn BC into AD
He flipped the world on its head
He's the most famous name around the globe
Inspired the most read book ever written
He connected it to Heaven and, in turn, brought Heaven down to Earth
And now, He offers us redemption
A fresh start
So that we can hold our heads high and march through this life knowing that we are never alone
That every woman and man, boy and girl
To all of us who feel like we have nothing left
Nothing to bring
To know that God is smiling at us
That He's loving us
That we are enough
So light up that Christmas tree
Stand under the mistletoe
Surround yourself with the ones you love the most
And, together, let's celebrate the greatest news this world has ever known