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soon all you think you know is uncertain and unfamiliar. but life won't lose its glow the sweetness and dull ache. though you're the one who does better. your miracle abides in the way you live. because it became the way you died. the good nurse knows the way. her tender little fingers made to shape the clay. i'm going to show you how this feels. the good nurse gives you blood. a bad one gives you mixture. she shuns away the weight it pushes you away. i think i will sit down. i think aloud. i'll cry soon. i'm not a bit okay. don't tell me i'm afraid. i want to take you down. i'll show you all around. what do you think makes the difference in this night. we run alone not fall behind the light. something inside has died. to some of us it's another throw away day. one that we curse and we steal from. as we cheat ourselves from moments left to heal. without knowing why. without a reason as it keeps on getting worse. your medicine's on the television. late night stare of indecision. will you go far when you wish upon a star. your wishes are such a cheaper vision. a slender piece of imagination that failed just for the thrill. hold on still. come on you're the star. you're the one who does better