Letra de She's Sleeping
She's Sleeping Video:
what brings you to me are some memories in photographs. you're up on the table spending nothing but the borrowed past. breathe out the ballast come to the surface. when you're swimming and alone. drink from the chalice drown in the blood as it turns to stone. your heart's a magnet and in my dreams i'm dancing with you. and we kiss tonight it's a child's kiss. what you fell in love with. did you see my father's father's eyes. coming tearing out from all the other insides. how we believe in your lost seams. this family only meets in hospitals and funerals. some kids that only talk about themselves when they're told. they opened up your chest. and fingers slide within your warm dark flesh. for this you know that someone must confess. your doctor's young and he's wringing from you every last breath. his oath tonight it seems like hypocrisy coming from his lips. he is breathing while you're dreaming all alone. and on the phone there were sketches of a family tree that's gone. on a scrap of paper torn and not remembered. the texas sky's so wide i'm feeling nothing permanent or named. well i woke up a verse for your cold imagined stone. while you're dreaming on your own. when you're dreaming she is sleeping on her own