I Know I'm Funny Haha Letra

Faye Webster

I Know I'm Funny haha

Letra de I Know I'm Funny Haha
Let's sit around and drink some sake
Then we can argue 'bout the same things
Talk about neighbors on our front porch
I wonder if they know we're moving
Hope they don't know my landlord personally
'Cause I never told him you moved in with me
Fuck him, he kept my money

I think your sisters are so pretty
Got drunk and they forgot they met me
I made her laugh one time at dinner
She said I'm funny and then I thanked her
But I know I'm funny haha

We go through phases when we're over ours
Right now we both wanna be rockstars
Got you a bass last year on your birthday
The same one I got from Lincoln Park plays
But you look better with it anyways