Letra de Tonight (bonus track)
My blood runs warm, Starts mingling
A curious enigmatic feeling
Comes over me I start to breathe
More heavily. Now I'm seeing clearly
The fuse ignited It's burning bright
Come on I'll take you out
It ends tonight

Tonight there is no time for words rehearsed and spoken
And Tonight I'm not going till my legs are broken
It's alright, you know I'll be fine just the way it's going
and I'm Coming For You

Frantic focus
Align these eyes
Palms are sweating
Heart beats rise
I hear you breathing
From deep inside
I clench my teeth, my fists in stride
So nice to meet you
So we all die
So what and so long

Hello my friend We meet again
Its waking now And it's gonna get ugly
When you come around again
Watch your hand And understand Friend
That its gonna get bloody
As the calm before the storm
comes to an end And then...