The best is yet to come Letra


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Letra de The best is yet to come
(Jay-Jay (Jacob Jebjerg)), Barbara Orbison, Robert Hart, Billy Burnette)
Lead: Sofie, backing: Louise, Julie, Trine, Sofie
(verse 1)
Right now I'm waking up
it¹s all so new to me
I think I've got it all this time
the moment is right now
my spirit feel so free
this whole wide world is yours and mine

(bridge 1)
I¹m riding with the top down
I can see so clear now
this is what it's all about
I can see the sunshine
breaking through the clouds now
I just wanna let it out

(chorus 1)
and I feel the best is yet to come
and I feel like it's all just begun

(chorus 2)
the game of life is up and down
sometimes it turns you all¹around
when you know in your heart
that you¹ve found that one
thats when you know for certain
Still the best is yet to come

(verse 2)
Right now I'm learning this
I¹m growing everyday
just take my hand, lead the way
this must be heavens plan
cause now I understand
where I belong and where I¹ll stay

(bridge 2)
everything is so right
I can see the bright light shining
in my sky of blue
I¹m finally believing
it¹s all coming straight from you