Letra de Sometimes
(Arvid Nielsen ? Lars Danielsson)
Lead: Trine Backing vocals Trine + Louise, Sofie, Julie
How could I not see the wonder by my side
How could I miss what was right there before my eyes
Said I'd do anything for you ­ Boy, I would die
But, somehow I could not see the ?you? next to the ?I?

Now, that I know that I will always (will) love you
I wish that somehow I could let you know
(Have you) wait for a minute, stay for a wihle
Let me just tell you why

Sometimes I break down and cry when I see you
Sometimes I feel like I¹m losing my mind
Sometimes I need to keep love at a distance
(But, I'm) Always missing you

Looking for water in wells that have run dry
Boy ? you´ve (You, boy) been fighting the sadness for a while
Keeping the love that (you) were due, away from you
It pours when it rains, now I don¹t know what to do