Letra de Just A Dream
Woke up this morning
Get off your lazy ass
It is your last warning
And you're not going to last

I try to drag, you kick and fight
I'm trying all
I stay in limbo almost every night
I can't believe the spell you've undergone
We install a pledge of gentle sleep
When it's over you can say
I'm glad it's happened that way

It's just a dream
It's just a dream
Just a dream

I can't believe the words you say
I can't even listen to your breath
I'm going to fight, for it's OK
The many time I dream of day

It's just a dream
It's just a dream

I feel the crowd inside of me
The end is near, I do believe
What is this madman I've become
I can't believe what my eyes see
As I dream, as I dream
Slowly bleeding, it's just a dream