Where The Time Went Letra



Letra de Where The Time Went
You could open with your failings
Make them understand show them love notes
Make them picture with their eyes closed
Make them wonder where the time goes

Keep your distance of the river
Draw a line, you're not together
Make it screech stop wait and turn red
Make me wonder where the time went

You will not save me a standoff
Be another stranger and here
I will leave this empty handed
Feeling selfish coming us, shit

Leave me questioning where your heart lands
How you open wounded with stand
Leave me into some false pretence
I will ruin you in a second
Leave it up to interpretation
Open ended invitation
In your wedding I can crush it
Whisper in your ear ’'God I missed you'’
It's been too much I can't stand it

Then I'll cry there in the staff room
Selling my seats to your concerts
I won't stomach it if I see you
Walking so tall I can't reach you
Happier pretty picture
With some new pretty little blue

You will not save me a standoff
You will not save me a standoff