Letra de The Crash Pillows
watch your step.
be taken aback.
the empty road is on fire.
It'll burn a whole right through you.
remove the excess.
so cheat and lie while you still can.
i'm fathoming something bigger than you'll ever be.
appease the masses,
then steal what i want because im not allowed.
even though i've died over and over again to earn it.
i still won't ever stand still.
i'll scream and shatter all your windows.
I'll write and whisk you all away.
I'll talk and watch you fall faceless.
I'll walk and hear the foot steps follow....no more.
I'm here to reprogram you,
and of course not to your liking.
now repeat all this back to me in Latin.
Maybe pride is on clearance
and ration is being rationed.
we need to have this talk again.