Comedic Lies And Evil Eyes Letra

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Letra de Comedic Lies And Evil Eyes
Ah, so picturesque
I present to you something good
As real as nothings new
Present only when the sky's not blue

No hitter, baby
swing and miss

lost again
oh losing away
to this concept called what?
i dont get it
because i choose not to
destined to be the only witness
to a half-lived life
i've got my set-up stance
waiting at the end
anytime now you can come over

switch it up
clear shit out
fill 'er up
ready to roll

mouth almighty
look at what youve done
too naive to apologize
its ok with the dont-know-what-they-can-be's
i wanna live my life like a documantary
a glimge of the vengence
the color of my eyes
i dare to take it