Letra de Government Policy
Found the answer to the strife
With the promise of a better life.
Hide behind false words, no more.
What the hell do you take us for?

Born to lose then criticised. Unemployed, victimized.
And we've got no jobs now. Unemployed, victimized.
We're the ones, can't you see? Unemployed, victimized.
You won't change us so let us be. Unemployed, victimized.

Don't preach to me of good and bad.
Squandered all the wealth we had.
Laugh and drink and all shake hands.
Too drunk to care for our demands.

Send police to haunt our streets.
It's us they're watching on their beats.
Warn us not to make a stand.
A stick and bible in your hand.

In the end you'll make your choice.
Draft us all and then rejoice.
Just sit back and do your worst,
But don't think we won't get there first