Letra de Bam Pow
It's strange
How in the spark of a moment I lost my head
And I'm forced to deal with the consequences that were

Heavily knotted and laced into
A hell storm of motions that dragged me towards
The dimmest pool of light

And I still don't know what brought me here
I only acted on my fears

Lost your cool
Play those fools
In a hell storm of motions who would even see?

Who would see?
I know it's my fault
And lies tear through the flesh and bleed
Pulsing with secrets
I'm gushing with secrets

You had no intent for this
But demon thoughts were there before
But demon thoughts can't be dismissed
Nor can they justify this mess

Please let this go
And get some rest
I'll take the toll
As your abyss
Guilt is gone it's not your crime
A lapse of judgement got the best
Of me

Forked road
You assign the blame
Am I out of control?
Have I lost my mind?
Was it ever something I could tame?

Come back to me voice
I what's sane
Come back to me voice
I've lost my skin

I am fighting this losing battle of guilt
A battle worth losing
It's only human
To let it devour me