Letra de Every Waking Moment
In lurid galleies my eyes percieve no realities in the night. The malice of your disguise is never fond. the bones uncover the weak locked in galleries cleared their minds from hallways that never divide, that stretch for miles such narrow miles.

Welcome sit down this weakness will rip you from yourself. your kind means nothing at all, so dont mind.

Only in chambers deep you'll find the faces torn their lips in wire but sadistic lies they preach will never. you destroy the righteous, abandoned them all, as they gave you life. I saw the shadow leave across the window pane. You took the fear from me but stole my body instead. You can burn me slash me to the bone till the blood covers the ground the red beckons more. THey killed us once then they'll kill again but you'll always seem to find. The bones they lay and rot will all be erased.