Letra de b) Curse of the Sands
The candy waves, the marble in your bed promises nothing!

Go the distance
Is what you've heard
The game is over
Now that I'm inside of you

I'll cut, I'll cut you
I'll eat your face
You will never see why I'm this way

You'll sit much better on a rusty wire
A mild hint of pain

You came down
You found out
You made a sound
Please leave now

Fear me
Fear reflections
Dress down
Down in sight
Rest now

Your speech
Your sweet sleep sounds
Whimper and drown
Trail soft
Among the dark

In time
Your source of blood will thicken in wine
Your stories were read so many times
These pages they never lie

The pale suns
These children they turn to white
Persistence shun
They're cursing their names

So long...
So long...

Through the world you cannot find
Salvation to save your life
The path that leads you nowhere
But you're still here wandering
Stepping closer and searching
From the fog that engulfs me
You're left alone in a frozen sea

Cut in!
Cut in!
You're bleeding!
You're bleeding!

Cut in!
Cut in!
You're bleeding!
You're leaving!