Letra de Arendering
The air brings life
It carries away
A storm so blinding
Clashes in rain

I've never seen the sky
Cleanse so pure, shadows
Mist in pearls

And through the eyes of those
Who shared with me their words...

Fate is your way
Your time can't wait
If the storm
Continues for days
My love
Will surely die in vain

She breathes new life
Just to have it taken away
Her teeth grasps the flesh inside
Her hands tremble as she blankets her face

How can I have never seen it?
Those fearful eyes glaring through the shade

Why would she choose to die
When her message was so alive?...

Won't you speak to me please?
Don't be shy...

There's brilliant words across your sky...

You are not alone, we will care you home.

(Inside him... inside him)

You've begun to see so much more...
It's always so suddenly...