Letra de Ira Lore
Correction morale leaves us blind
(So deceiving yet so reckless).
State your name serve your time
Do not be dim-witted by what comes to you next.
Wide eyed face and awe.

Bad news for us baby.
No warnings were made a disaster claimed the streets and homes where our children played
And if you can see beyond the horizon where millions have fled,
The trees have all settled every root hides the dead.
An 80 mile slope of shit and disease my humble liberator please tell us what to believe because I'm listening.

The subtleties become miles high a frame in shattered glass still fits its design.
A silhouette inlaid with gold vanished before your eyes.
And everyday they come to sing their sorrows away.
The road that splits in two just leads the same way
Through solitude in a desperate display.

Oh, no.

So you cry for me a ploy so pathetic its hard to believe.
When I turn back to a shroud enslaved I see through the flame a figure move.

Who's listening to you boy?
Who's reasoning to this girl?
Who's saving me from this world?

Aggrandize the capability to the one that calls you the Gag-Man.
Intensify the dismay before your assembly; enthrone yourself.

Lead us further through your twisted games we tried your needle
So lead us cry a murder your flesh turns powder white before your times up.
So take a hard look as you cry out;
Before you cry out.