Letra de Bedlam 123
Turn on the havoc
let confusion reign
Random acts of violence
shall not be done in vain
A din of destruction
an overture of rage
Countdown to bedlam
let the mayhem
Soon we all
will celebrate

Feel the primal urge
adrenaline surge
join the altercation
To the third degree
at full capacity
with no discrimination
Total oblivion
no phenomenon
just par for the course
To the starting line
your time to shine
On my mark we

We subjugate
We bring calamity
Everybody cooperate
Let's start the bedlam

Anticipating the
coming of the brawl
Collide like cannon fire
but only on my call
I provoke the melee
and I fan the flame
Coerce the herd into a
They salivate
We aggravate


[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]

On my command
everybody run amuck
Slam into everyone
never stop to give a fuck
This is the pinnacle
of tumult,
It's what you've waited for so
let the vortex
On this day
We commemorate