Letra de I Am Abomination
[Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt]

I am affliction
The cause of all that ails you
I am addiction
That binds and assails you
Through all confusion
I am the chaos
I'm the thing that makes you hurt
Laughing at your loss


Just underneath you skin
Is evils origin
Come see the face of devastation
You are me, I am abomination

I am the bleeding
When you open up the vein
I am the overdose
That rushes to your brain
I'm all you've come to loath
All you've known to hate
I am the hunter
When you come to take the bait


[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]

I am Jehovah
I am the virgin whore
I am the battlefield
I'm pestilence and war
I am the monster
That lurks beneath your bed
I'm all perversions
Trapped inside your head