The Resurrection Letra


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Letra de The Resurrection
Seizure pulsating violently in pain
Mental cruelty screaming in vain
Madness seeping slowly inside
Internal corrosion poison revived
Shattered your soul lies in waste
Black is the blood you taste
Torment from the depths below
A promise of blood they owe

Resurrection from below
Resurrection blood shall flow

Rancid smell permeates the air
Sickening stench of death and despair
Grinding pain evisceration applied
Final screams for mercy denied

Resurrection from below
Resurrection blood shall flow

Plague of decaying bodies arise
Shadows of our inevitable demise
Eternally cursed your souls are bled
To their graves the masses are led

Sepulcher of blood covered in red
Remnants of evil left for dead

Interment of sin blasphemies rise
Decaying lives your final demise
Creation of life slaughtered eternally
Incantation damned infernally

Lifeless eyes stare into the abyss
Forsaken sanity utter mindlessness
Bleeding from lesions unseen
Murdered in your own morbid dreams

Resurrection blood shall flow
Resurrection from below