Dreams Of The Dead Letra


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Letra de Dreams Of The Dead
Blackness of night grey dawning
Filtering filth comatose reaction
Spasmatic thrashing vociferous feeding
Cancerous affliction perpetual bleeding
Sucking lesions black with decay
Infections contamination
Death - a suicide away

Splitting switches writhing in agony
Screaming coughing up blood
Voices within infernal cacophony
Plaything of the dead
Butchered alive
Obscene fantasies dance in your head

Running shadows creep from behind
Peripheral horrors bide their time
Sanity's bled dreams of the dead
Dreams of the dead Dreams of the dead

Dreaming death life in fragments
Haunting visions hallucinatory premonition
Living in real lies a waking contradiction
Sphere of pain life's weak promise
Curtain call for you Death remembers your name
A thousand memories fight for your soul
Disembodied entities so long without control
Lust for life playground of the dead
Taste for morbidity apocalyptically fed