Watertown Letra

The Exit

New Beat

Letra de Watertown
I wasn't much just a face in the hall that's all that I could ever be
my mother said if she could she'd have known me but I got these kids to feed
someone said to love what you got and always know there will be more

I dont know I dont care

I stay up looking at old photos another late night company
I see one of me and you there I wonder if I'm more complete
who am I to love what I lost who am I to care at all

I take walks to forget about my life I take walks that last all night
I check myself out in store front windows half drunk and half insane
it's just smoke that gets in my eyes it's just smoke that makes them red

hey father father where you been for me
a check and a letter sent to set my mind at ease

I don't know you
I don't owe you nothing