The Sun Will Rise In Queens Letra

The Exit

Home For An Island

Letra de The Sun Will Rise In Queens
There's a hundred and forty-three ways to go about it
There a hundred and forty-three ways to talk yourself out of it
And if you're lost, need some help
I've got good directions
But when you know where you're going
Come stand in my section

Come On.... Come On....

Just because you win, it doesn't mean you're winning
Just because you live, it doesn't me you're living

So Come On, Come On, Come On with me

Please don't lose sight of the bigger picture
You must remember it was written in the scriptures

So Come on with me, Come on and see

Los Angeles is a lonely town,
When you're lost you know you can't get found
Walkin' around with a sad look on your face,
I don't like to think about it
My head starts to ache

New York City you better have your shit together,
You can't act a fool walkin' around in the stormy weather