Lonely Man's Wallet Letra

Exit, The

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Letra de Lonely Man's Wallet
A lonely man smokes his last cigarette

As the cold breeze enters the bar

Still afraid from what he is

There's only so much gin can fix

I've written pages in the book

Big enough for chapters

The hurt won't leave when will it quit

I'm gonna throw it all away

So don't try to stop me

I'm not me

And as the hours pass on by

A lonely heart beats on in time

Living's become only existing

And that's just what people do

Get in the car and drive on home

Eight years becomes a lifetime

I'm gonna take this car off the side

They found his wallet in the wreck

An ace of clubs and ninety cents

I don't want to tell the story of this tortured soul

But I see him every day

Mirrors open up the room they say

I'm not me