Sleepless Nights Letra

Exit Avenue

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Letra de Sleepless Nights wasted far too much precious time on

The ones whom I never did belong to, you

You take me off of this one stop ride, and

And show me all of the rest of my life

She works better when the lights go out so

Turn them off now, Turn them off and see her

Silhouette against the red-hot noon sky

Watch the sun set, Watch the sun and settle down

You think were too late, but you came in just in time to

Watch the sun set with me and I'll be fine

Lying awake at night, side by side

Whispers through the night, we..ll be all right


Won..t you, Stay tonight and please tell me three small words

I won..t, Lie to you because, you have consumed my life

Well I don..t mind, no I don..t mind at all.