Letra de Hopped Up!
Morning, noon and at night
temptations I can't fight
hoist pints, imbibe, delight...

so sly, that guy, he's dried... DRY HOPPED! that sly Hopduvel
he plys in guise so wise... CANNABIS?!? evil Hopduvel!
today mugs raised in praise... HOPPED UP! for the Hopduvel
bongs blazed, eyes glazed, way dazed... PROPPED UP! confound the Hopduvel

Nick's brews, a few, your stewed... HOP SUCKED! by the Hopduvel
with shrooms, you vroom, mind blooms... DROP OUT! Leary as Hopduvel
more trays, mugs raised, your saved! HOPPED UP! by the Hopduvel
bowls blazed, eyes hazed, mind phased... PROPPED UP! stonehead Hopduvel

Revived for a bout of wicked liquid clouts form lambics, weizens, stouts
ein stein in my grip, nectar raised to lips, a joyous sin each sip!
malted incantations fortell my vexation, fiendish inebriation

some more? of course, we pour... POUR MORE! says the Hopduvel
adore and soar, hit the floor! KNOCKED OUT! by the Hopduvel
bongs blazed, amazed, half crazed... HOPPED UP! for the Hopduvel
four days a haze of praise! HOPPED UP! my God Duvel!!!